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We are a cohesive and experienced team of specialists in the design, implementation, and development of websites and mobile applications. We have completed hundreds of projects, including e-commerce, both in the European market and on the international stage. Among us are project management experts, interaction designers, graphic artists, programmers, and frontend developers. Such an interdisciplinary team ensures a comprehensive approach to the implementation of each project.

We thrive on ambitious and challenging tasks. We do not implement standard solutions, nor do we rely on templates or generic "themes." Each project is always tailored closely to the individual needs of our clients. The foundation of our work is a thorough understanding of the concepts and business objectives, along with proposing the optimal way to achieve them.
We pride ourselves on being a united and proficient team of specialists dedicated to the design, implementation, and evolution of websites and mobile applications. With a track record of completing numerous projects, including successful ventures in the US and international e-commerce landscapes, our team encompasses project management experts, interaction designers, graphic artists, programmers, and frontend developers. This interdisciplinary collaboration ensures a holistic approach to every project we undertake.

Our passion lies in tackling ambitious and demanding tasks. We steer clear of conventional solutions, avoiding reliance on templates or off-the-shelf themes. Each project is meticulously crafted to align with the unique requirements of our clients. At the core of our work is a deep understanding of conceptual frameworks and business objectives, allowing us to propose and implement the most optimal strategies for success.
Planowanie i strategia
Planning and Strategy


We recognize the client's needs and expectations, opportunities and potential threats to the project. We define goals and determine next steps and schedule of activities.
Kreacja i funkcjonalność
Creation and Functionality


This stage is a combination of knowledge in the field of usability and the creative work of our graphic designers.
Our designs are visually impressive and effective.
Wdrożenia i serwisy
Integration and Service


We implement projects based on popular ones store systems and CMS, we also create proprietary solutions. Customers also receive technical support from us.

ObjectOcean's Team

Several years of working together, hundreds of completed projects, mutual trust in our skills.
We are like a well-coordinated team in which each player is responsible for specific elements of the project. Among us there are project managers, UI/UX designers, graphic designers and programmers.
Konrad Piwowar Glorious Leader
Kuba Gryglak Lead Developer
Endrju Kluczny Frontend Developer
Ogi Developer
The Słodek Designer

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